Thursday, April 13, 2006

First Jobs - SL

After conversing with RS and DD, my "first jobs" experience was pretty different/almost sheltered compared to their first jobs. I never had to run the fryer at McDs, work construction or make cold calls for sales pitches. Here are my first jobs:

1) I first entered the work world as KUMON teacher. The program handed out booklets of additional English reading sets or math homework sets for children to do at home. Depending on where the children placed into the program, they would soon be "ahead" of their classmates. I have seen first graders walk into my class who were doing booklets on multiplication and division. These kids are probably smarter than I am (which isn't too hard).
I would hardly call what I did there teaching, but more like answer correcting. The kids seldom needed explaining on mathematical concepts; but the majority of the time, needed a pointer on some careless mistake that they made. The job paid well and the hours were great, so I could not complain.

2) I graduated from the school of KUMON, into copy boy at a major pharmaceutical medical services company (think baby powder). They made up a fancy title for what I was to do (called the Disaster Recovery Program), but I was basically making copies of the labs exact findings, putting them in a box and shipping the copies offsite. I spent my days there chatting on email, making long distance calls, and working out at the onsite gym. Since copy machines at that time already had those paper feeders, every ten minutes or so, I would walk over and place another stack of papers on the machine, and continue on with my "work" life. Since I was also considered an intern at the time, I was able to attend all sorts of cool meetings with employee/intern retention executives, as well as enjoy the benefits of the company store. The pay was awesome, the perks were great and the hours were standard. The only thing was that the job was not challenging at all. If my godparents are reading this, thank you for setting me up with that awesome job.

And in the end, we are all in the same place! In fact, I'm the junior member in this group, so I guess first jobs don't matter that much?


Blogger pyroracing85 said...

hah nice jobs I was a kumon instructor also for about 3 weeks and just couldn't do it anymore.. I also did summer sailing lessons and hung out at yacht clubs oohh yea the life hahah

4/16/2006 10:54 PM  

Excellent job

1/12/2014 3:21 PM  

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