Thursday, February 09, 2006

24 Days to Better Finances at AllThingsFinancial

JLP over at AllThingsFinancial has a series of posts called 24 Days to Better Finances. Each day he has a new topic and has posts from other bloggers about the topic. Check it out every day for posts on the following topics:
  1. Setting Priorities
  2. Making a Budget
  3. Basics of Banking and Saving
  4. Basics of Investing
  5. Investing in Stocks
  6. Investing in Mutual Funds
  7. Investing in Bonds
  8. Buying a Home
    I thought that I had submitted 2 posts to this topic, but maybe I was too late of submitted them incorrectly. Anyway, here are the two that I submitted:
  9. Controlling Debt
  10. Employee Stock Options
  11. Saving for College
  12. Kids and Money
  13. Planning for Retirement
  14. Asset Allocation
  15. Hiring Financial Help
  16. Health Insurance
  17. Buying a Car
  18. Taxes
  19. Home Insurance
  20. Life Insurance
  21. Estate Planning
  22. Auto Insurance
  23. 401 (k)s
  24. IRAs


Blogger JLP said...


I remember receiving your email but now I can't find it. Do me a favor and resubmit your entries and I'll add them.

It is not my intention to leave anyone out who wants to contribute.



2/09/2006 11:26 AM  
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