Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Wallet by RS

Since everyone else is doing it, I guess I have to also. The craze of the last few days in many PF blogs has been sharing what is in your wallet. I don't have a wallet anymore as it started to resemble George Costanzas wallet on Seinfeld. I now just have a money clip and my front pocket. Here are the secrets that it contains:
  • NYS driver license
  • IBM badge
  • Health plan card
  • Perscription card
  • Amex Blue credit card
  • VISA credit card
  • ATM card
  • Quiznos Frequency Card (bad, expensive habit, but I cannot resist the toasty delicousness)
  • Card from my dentist for my next appointment
  • Regal Crown Club movie card
  • 2 Best Buy gift cards from Christmas
  • $267 (don't think that I am a high-roller, I just have the cash becaus I am going away this weekend)
I guess I picked a good day to do this with all that cash I have. At least that makes it look interesting. I also found a piece of lint from my jeans in my money clip, but it didn't make the list.


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