Sunday, March 05, 2006

39 Jobs Where Women Make More Than Men

Interesting article over at CNN Money reporting on 39 jobs where women's pay trumps men's. They found a total of 80 careers where women make more than men (note that these are jobs for regular working women, not careers such as supermodels), but are focusing on 39 of those jobs where women average more than 5% (and in some cases as high as 43%) greater salary than men in that job. The researcher states that one of the reasons for this disparity is due to the scarcity of women in certain fields. For instance, in engineering (the Young Professionals are software engineers) I would definitely say that there is a lack of women in the field. Men far outnumber women, so when a woman applies for a job, if the company wants to hire her, they often times have to pay a premium. They also say that in fields where women can combine their technical skills with their people skills (such as sales jobs), this can command a premium.

Since Mrs. RS and I are both engineers, I cannot wait until she makes more than me so that she can support me. She can be my Sugar Mommy and I can stay home all day playing XBOX 360. Sounds sweet to me.


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