Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Products and Sites For Young Professionals

The Young Professionals here at YPFB have quite a few products and sites that we use to invest, keep track of our finances, and get information from. This list will be updated over time and can always be found on the right side bar. Let's look at what we like to use.

  • Quicken 2006 Premier
  • I use the Premier version because it is able to track my investments, which I do not believe that the Deluxe version will do. Quicken is able to access just about all of my accounts (savings, checking, brokerage, and 401(k)) online, so I do not even need to manually input all of my transactions. For some reason, the company that handles our ESPP does not allow Quicken to access information over the Internet, but that is the only one I have problems with. This program makes it very easy to create a budget, track your finances, and see your net worth. If you really want total control over your finances, I would suggest that you look into Quicken 2006. I was able to get the software on Ebay for about $25, that is a great deal compared to the $75+ they want at retail.

  • Money Magazine
  • Great articles, great tips, great advice...great finance magazine. Highly recommended.
  • Kiplinger's
  • Good articles, good tips, good advice...good finance magazine. Recommended, but Money Magazine is better.
Investing Sites:
For more information on our investments, check out the post entitled: Our Investments.
  • Vanguard
  • This is the Young Professionals preferred investing site. Whether you are looking for index funds, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, ETF's, Roth IRAs or just a nice high yeild money market account, this is the place to look. All of us have an account at Vanguard and hold some type of investment there.

  • E*Trade
  • Not a bad brokerage site, but you do need to watch out for the fees. They can add up if you are not careful. If you do not make many trades or have over $10,000 in your account, you may be better off looking into some other discount brokerages as you can be hit with a $40/quarter account maintenance fee. That will eat into your profits quickly. Besides the account maintenace fee, trades generally cost $12.99. The interface, usability, and research tools of the site are all very good.
Financial Information Sites:
These are all great sites for financial information. They are listed in the order that we like them, but they are all top notch and worth mentioning. One thing that I think that they all need to add is an RSS feed so that it is easier to keep up with the information they contain.
Financial Blogs:
These are in alphabetical order.


Blogger JLP said...

Hey, thanks for the mention.

Good luck on your blogging journey. I'll add you to my Personal Finance Blog links.



1/22/2006 3:50 PM  
Anonymous retireat30 said...

You may want to add
to that list. It is an outstanding resource.

2/14/2006 6:30 AM  
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