Sunday, March 26, 2006

No Money Tree in Atlantic City

Some of you may know that I have been in search of a Money Tree lately...well, I just wanted to report to everyone that it cannot be found in Atlantic City, NJ.

One of my friends is getting married in a couple of weeks, so a bunch of us went down to AC for a guys weekend (aka his bachelor party). Apparently, this is not a good way to save money. I was planning on making a nice withdrawal from the Taj Mahal Casino, I figure that they are making plenty of money, they can afford to give some of it to me. Turns out that they felt differently and I ended up depositing a couple hundred dollars to them. Stupid gambling.

That's OK though, we had a great time, it was well worth it in the end. It is really good to be back though and I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed again (and hopefully get more than 5 hours of sleep before work tomorrow).


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