Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Stop Unsolicited Junk Mail Credit & Loan Offers

Jim from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has a post on how to stop everyone from sending you all those credit card offers. The post is about the OptOutPrescreen.com site, which allows you to opt-into (yeah?) or out of firm offers of credit or insurance. You can choose to opt-out for 5 years or permanently.

Let me tell you what a god-send this site is for me...I get roughly 2 pieces of junk mail related to credit cards every single day. I hate even having to worry about disposing of them properly and all they are doing is filling up my garbage can. I don't even ever read a single offer, I just rip it to shreds and toss it. This is now a part of my afternoon ritual when I get home from work. I am actually not quite sure what I will do with all the free time that this will open up for me since I will hopefully no longer have to waste my time with this. It will be great, maybe I can use that time to read books or something.

The only concern that I did have is that the site does ask you for your Social Security number. It is not required, so I didn't put it in. I just hope that the opt-out works as well without it.


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