Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rumors of My Demise...

Have been greatly exaggerated. However, the demise of my free time is completely accurate. I am really noticing the difference in the amount of free time that I have now compared to how much I had over the winter. I have so much going on with the outside of my house right now that I have not even had any time to sit down and watch TV or play some XBOX 360. Between my regualr job all day, working with China at night, and working on the outside of my house, I am beat.

The retaining wall that we are building outside is still not done yet, but we have been working on it like crazy. This past weekend we decided that we actually needed to go up two more courses on the wall in order to get rid of a little more of our slope. So, we now need to order 3 more palettes in order to achieve this. We also need to order about 10 yards of gravel to fill the back of the wall. So, the new grand total for the wall has now climbed to about $9,000. I totally messed up by doing this wall first. This wall was not a priotiry for me and I should have saved this for later in the summer or even next year. My priority should have been working on my lawn, since right now it is pretty much just a dust-bowl with a few tufts of crappy contractor-grade grass growing. Now, it is starting to be too late to get a new lawn going and I am not even sure that I have enough money left over after this wall to start that next project. All of this outdoor work is turning out to be way more costly (financially and mentally) than I ever imagined it would be.



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