Sunday, January 22, 2006

Do You Love Your Job?

Do you look forward to going to work every day or do you dread every weekday morning? The article from the New York Daily News entitled "Love Your Work: Overcoming Dissatisfaction" takes a look at how people feel about their jobs. I agree with what they say and I sometimes feel bored and dissatisfied at my job...but overall, I enjoy my job. You know what makes it even better to me? The wonderful paycheck and the great friends that I have at work. The social aspect is one of the things that they say helps job satisfaction. Here are the rest of the tips to love your job.
  • Find the flow so that you are so into your work that you aren't looking at the clock every ten minutes.
  • Find job security so that you are not worried about losing your job every month.
  • Don't be low on the totem pole. You will feel less satisfied at work if you feel that everyone is earning more than you.
  • Be social...people tend to enjoy work more when they have friends there.
  • Aim for autonomy since people tend to be happier when they make their own decisions and feel challenged at work.
  • Insist on small freedoms. For example, we are allowed to work from home and we have flex hours also. This helps tremendously with my job satisfaction.
I guess it wouldn't be called work is we all loved what we would be called playtime.


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