Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Financial Education Coming to Schools?

Just noticed this article at the Metro West Daily News about how personal finance may become part of the math curriculum. From what I can tell, this paper is from the Boston area. The author writes that if this new bill passes, then personal finance would become part of the math curriculum in all public schools for kids of all ages. "Bill sponsor state Rep. Stephen LeDuc, D-Marlborough, envisions lessons on basic currency in kindergarten and on retirement planning in high school."

I have mentioned before how important I think it is for kids to get at least some kind of financial education, whether it be in school or outside community groups. So, I was very happy to hear at least Massachusets is doing something to help young people. It sounds like they are way ahead of the pack when it comes to financial education for their students. Apparently, they already have two programs to help teach young people how to take care of their finances. The first teaches about budgeting, credit cards, and insurance and is geared towards high school juniors and seniors. The second is for students in third grade to eighth grade and teaches them the origins of money and basic budgeting skills. These sound like great programs, the only problem is that they are voluntary, but it is better than nothing. The article does say that they are widely accepted though: "The
high school program is used in 176 communities across the state and the elementary student program is in more than 400 schools -- including many throughout MetroWest -- according to the Consumer Affairs and Cahill’s offices."

The difference between the existing programs and the new proposed bill is that the new bill would make this financial education mandatory for students. I view this as being a positive step in the right direction and still wonder why this isn't being looked at nationally or at least in more states.


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