Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Random Interesting Fact #2

This interesting fact comes from the April 2006 issue of Money Magazine:

85% of hospital bills contain errors, according to AMBR, a medical-bill auditor.

How scary is this little tidbit? The example in the article is about someone whose wife fainted and they got an ER bill for $13,086.48, when it "only" should have been for $1,726.79. The article goes on to give some steps on how to solve some of these problems.
  • Take Preventative Measures
  • Make sure to look carefully at you insurance options before you really need it.

  • Stop the Bleeding
  • If there is a problem, try to get your provider to stop the collection clock so that it doesn't end up hurting your credit while they are waiting to get their money or get the problems cleared up. Also, try not to get angry with the agents on the phone that are trying to help you sort this out, people tend to be more helpful when you are calm.

  • Get Professional Help
  • If you are not having any luck resolving your problems, you can have a consumer advocate help with the negotiations. You can get help from your state's department of insurance (for more information, visit the National Association of Insurance Commissioners site or call them at 816-783-8500). That is the free help, of course there is also help that you can hire (for about $30 - $160 an hour). For more information, contact the Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals.
This has to be a tough situation to go through, try to take some precautions so that it doesn't happen to you.


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