Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sharebuilder Questions

Last week, I posted about the Sharebuilder $50 Promotion that I was thinking about signing up for. Well, I did sign up with Sharebuilder, but I have a couple of questions that I was hoping someone could help me out with.

I added $50 to my account and was just planning on investing that, plus my free $50 from the promo, in the Vanguard Emerging Markets Viper (VWO).
  1. When do you get the $50? I would like to invest the full $100 all at once, just to save me the extra $4 if I do 2 trades.
  2. How do I need to invest in VWO? Do I have to do a real-time trade, which costs more? I don't want to setup regualr investments with them, so is a real-time trade my only option?
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out.



Blogger HoustonHedonist said...

I just signed up for the same promotion a couple of weeks ago. I made my purchase and got an e-mail (after the purchase was made) that says, "You have met the requirements of the PSECU ShareBuilder promotion and will receive your $50 account bonus within 4-6 weeks." So, it looks like 4-6 weeks to get the bonus.

For the $4 trade, just buy it as a recurring trade. On the second screen (or, at least not on the first one), you have the ability to set the purchase to just happen one time.

Something else to note: I deposited $100 and bought $96 of an ETF, and it looks like they include the commission in the purchase price. So, I now have $92 of the ETF and $4 cash. I'm assuming that is their standard way of doing purchases, but you might want to check.

4/08/2006 4:46 PM  
Blogger Fanuch said...

Yes, Sharebuilder takes the commission out of the total dollar amount that you wish to invest. So, if you choose
to invest $100, $96 will actually be applied to the investment, and $4 to the commission fee. For your second question, I would set up an automatic investment for this transaction that you would like to take advantage of the $4 trade. You do not have to buy this real-time. You can set up a one-time automatic investment with sharebuilder. If you have any questions, please visit my pf blog and we can chat! Thanks.

4/08/2006 5:02 PM  
Anonymous Nathan Whitehead said...

I wouldn't advise investing less than $1000 at a time. Figure on paying $12 in fees for each chunk of money you invest, $4 in buying and $8 selling. I know you can buy the same thing many times, then sell all at once, but it is too tempting to buy different things, then rebalance them, take money out when you need it, etc.. Count on 1 sell for every 2 buys.

4/08/2006 5:27 PM  
Anonymous ryan said...

I was rather lucky in my first experience with Sharebuilder. I called sharebuilder to ask virtually the same questions. At the end of the call, the rep offered me 6 free trades. How could I not accept. I've still only done my initial trade, but there are 5 more waiting for me.

I figure it's also a good way to buy one share to begin a drip system for under $500 or $1000.

4/10/2006 8:51 AM  
Blogger RS said...

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Being that I have to wait 4-6 weeks to get the bonus, I wonder if it would be best for me just to wait until I get it and then invest it all at one?

I would tend to agree that there isn't much point in investing under $1000, but I am really only doing this for the free $50. This is not my main investment vehicle, I have Vanguard and E*Trade accounts for that. This was just something extra on the side to take advantage of.

Thanks again.

4/10/2006 2:18 PM  
Blogger HoustonHedonist said...

If it's the same bonus offer that I used (it sounds like it is), you only get the $50 after you execute your first trade. So you won't be able to wait for the bonus first.

4/10/2006 7:02 PM  
Blogger RS said...

Thanks for the heads up MVR...I will just invest them both seprately.

4/10/2006 11:26 PM  
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