Saturday, April 01, 2006

Flexo is the Wizard Behind

Turns out that Flexo from Consumerism Commentary is the man behind the curtain over at, just wanted to say nice job with the site. It is a great resource. That said, there are a couple of new items deserving our attention coming from

The first is something that you may or may not have noticed on our front page here at the Young Professionals Financial Blog. We have added the blogroll to our site. This is a constantly updated blogroll that includes a random sampling of 20 blogs updated in the last 4 hours. This is a very nice service that solves a problem that the Young Professionals were having. Our blogroll was getting way too large to fit on the front page (well, it would obviously fit, but I am way to anal to have it not looking nice and neat there). We had to move the blogroll into a post and include a link to that post on the sidebar. I think that this new blogroll is a much better solution and appreciate the effort...thanks Flexo.

The second issue is that has pledged to remain ad-free...but it definitely costs money to run the site. Cue the 2006 Annual Campaign. The site is trying to raise some money in order to cover operating costs. If you donate over $10, you can get friend status (the sweet little yellow star next to your name).

For more information, check out the following sites:
Consumerism Commentary: Two Developments speaks


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