Thursday, April 06, 2006

Starting Tomorrow: Money Flowing Out

Tomorrow it neighbor and I start spending tons of money on landscaping our new houses. We have been getting estimates for almost a month now on what it would cost for a retaining wall in the front of our house and to get a lawn put in. As I mentioned before, it costs a lot more than we have to spend. So, we decided to do what any other men with not enough money to do landscaping would do...we will do it ourselves.

While this may in fact save us money, it could also end in disaster. We have never done anything even remotely close to building a retaining wall, yet here we are, about to jump right in. In our defense, we are almost like experts since we watched all the online videos on the Unilock and Versalock websites.

I don't actually think that it would be too bad if we were building the wall on a level surface...however, we are building it on a slope. That makes it much harder I think. Even doing the work ourselves, it is still going to cost at least $5,000 just for the first wall that we are going to put in. We will eventually need to build 3 walls and then do 2 lawns. A really quick estimate says that this will all end up costing about $15,000. Add this all to the cost of owning a new home. I will keep reporting on our progress and balance sheet of the project as we go along to let everyone know how it goes.


Anonymous Tim MMF said...

Are these changes going to be beneficial to the value of your home? Building retaining walls aren't as easy as they look. I've done it before. I helped my Mom (former carpenter), her boss (master carpenter), and one of their friends build an entire house. Talk about work... Then we landscaped it. I got paid well though - for being 14 yrs old! Best of luck! It'll be an experience.

4/06/2006 12:56 AM  
Blogger RS said...

Not what I wanted to hear Tim...I wanted to hear something along the lines of this: "Oh, RS, walls are no problem. You are well educated, you should have absolutely no problem with it. If you can program something as complex as a computer, you can surely dig up some dirt and lay concrete blocks on top of it."

To answer the first question, yes, this should definitely be beneficial to the value of our home. Would we get 100% or more of the money that we put in to the wall back if we sold??? Maybe, maybe not. It is tough to tell (and tough to say if it matters right now as we are not planning to move soon). It isn't just about value for us though...we have a slope along the front of our house and in order to be able to do anything with it, we need a retaining wall.

4/06/2006 10:20 AM  
Anonymous bjk said...

Why don't you and your neighbor just go out and buy two nice new Harley's? Then go to the bar and hangout. Screw the wall....

4/07/2006 9:27 AM  
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