Sunday, May 14, 2006

Young Professionals Frugal Living Guide - Part 14

The Frugal Living series will take a look at some of the steps that the Young Professionals use to save a little extra dough on the things that we buy.

Today's entry into the Frugal Living Guide was sent to us by fellow Young Professional, Jonathan. We really appreciate it Jonathan and would love to hear from any other readers if you have some Frugal Living tips.

Jonathan wrote to tell us about Upromise. This site grants small rebates when purchasing certain products or through using their links to buy from associated online vendors. The stated purpose of the site is to provide funds for educational loans or 529 plans, but the money can be removed for any purpose. You tie your grocery discount cards, debit, and credit cards to the account and the site dumps a few cents in, here and there, as you earn them. It isn't much, but if one could establish a large enough network of cards tied to the account ( e.g. friends, family, spouse), the funds could add up to something decent eventually. You may also be able to find several sign-up codes across the internet that will result in a few bucks being thrown into your account to jumpstart your savings.

Thanks a lot for the heads-up Jonathan.


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