Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Domain Name Question

We have talked in the past about moving the Young Professionals Financial Blog away from Blogger to our own host with a new domain name. So yesterday, when we saw that Dotster was having a $.50 sale on domain names, we signed up for one. Now we have to pick the domain name, but many of the names that we wanted are already taken. So, we would love some input on what others think would be the best option.

Names in the running:

Number 1 is nice and short, but semi-meaningless on its own if you just see that acronym. Number 2 is very descriptive, but a little long. Number 3 is similar to number 1, but we personally don't love the .us high-level domain. We are also open to other suggestions if you have any good ideas.


Blogger Steve Mertz said...

The first thing search engines see is the title bar of your blog. So, you may want to consider incorporating some key words along with your name.

3/09/2006 12:25 PM  
Anonymous Nels said...

If I had to choose, I'd go with #2, the long one. People are going to subscribe or bookmark it or something anyway.

Or you could consider coming up with a cool brand name that could come to stand for what you write about. My fantasy basketball blog could have been something like Fantasy Basketball Blog, but I called it Give Me The Rock. Sure, it doesn't mean much to people who don't know, but it's a lot more fun, and the other basketbloggers know what it is.

3/09/2006 12:45 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Preface: whichever you choose, choose quickly. I've talked to many people who mention a domain name they're thinking about buying in a blog or on a website, wait a few days, and then come to find that someone snatched it up before they could. Usually it's an automated robot that does the snatching, but I've seen a couple of cases of the domain being taken by a loyal reader (and held for ransom!!!).

I'm a huge fan of domain names that are six letters or fewer (preferably five). Failing that, I next try for something easy to remember that is also easy to type. YoungProfessionalsFinancialBlog is easy to remember, but it takes a bit to type and can easily be misspelled. But as nels points out, few people actually type addresses into browsers anymore, so that may not be as important. That said, YoungProfessionalsFinancialBlog is 31 letters. Out of all the money blogs I read, the only one I occasionally enter manually into my address bar is It's relatively short and easy to remember. If that site and another site write on a topic that I later want to find and I remember that both of them wrote it, I will always go for mymoneyblog first. But that's just me.

About YPFB.anything. I may remember "Young Professionals Financial Blog," but it would take my mind a moment to translate that into YPFB since it's not a common acronym. On top of that, YPFB isn't the easiest combination to type (I initially misspelled it twice while typing it just now). Same thing would go for, but that's actually a little better since now I'm just remembering YPF + Blog.

If you're considering .us, how about something like "youngpros" (which is available, while the com/net/org/biz are not). Or "youngmoney" or something like that. Personally, I'd choose one of those because it combines a couple of important words that would describe the site. As for the whole .us thing itself, it's actually one of my favorite non-com/net/org top-level domains, so I have nothing against those.

Picking out a domain can be tricky. Fortunately, they're now dirt cheap, so you can always get a whole bunch and point them all at your website. But since it's such a link- and bookmark-oriented internet now (as opposed to manual entry of URLs), it's probably not necessary.

3/09/2006 2:36 PM  
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